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Eugenie Rivers at Cairncross & Hempleman help clients nationally with the purchase and sale of real estate as well as all related issues.

  • Real estate investment structuring and entities
  • Commercial real estate and construction financing
  • Real estate purchases and sales
  • Commercial real estate leases and management
  • Fixture and Equipment purchases and leasing
  • Mortgage banking and brokers
  • Joint Use and Access Agreements
  • Title issues

Real Estate Investment Structuring and Entities

Structured real estate deals allow multiple businesses to pool their resources together for a common project and also allow single businesses to better insulate the primary business operations from potential real estate losses. These deals often utilize joint ventures, partnerships, or holding companies formed as separate entities.

Commercial Real Estate and Construction Financing

Financing agreements for complex commercial projects cover a wide range of legal issues that must be properly negotiated, structured, and documented to ensure the efficient completion of the transaction while protecting the rights of all involved parties.

Real Estate Finance - Real Estate Attorney - Eugenie RiversReal Estate Purchases and Sales

With few of the regulations and protections afforded to residential home buyers, the parties to a commercial transaction must take a buyer beware approach. It is vital for both the buyer and seller to perform proper due diligence and enter into an agreement that protects them from losses, liability, and possible litigation.

Commercial Real Estate Leases and Management

As with commercial sales, commercial leases contain few protections other than what is negotiated into the terms of the lease.

Fixture and Equipment Purchases and Leasing

Fixture and equipment acquisitions can approach or exceed the cost of the property they will be located on. Accordingly, the negotiation and structuring of these deals should be given as much attention as a real estate deal.

Mortgage Banking and Brokers

Mortgage brokers can be valuable partners in helping to secure financing for a large commercial deal, but their work is subject to strict federal regulations.

Joint Use and Access Agreements

Joint use and access agreements allow businesses to share expenses while maximizing a facility’s potential, but the success of the arrangement depends on its terms being clearly defined in the contract.

Title Issues

The best way to avoid title issues is by due diligence before the fact, but if title issues are discovered later, there may be grounds for a cause of action against the seller.

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