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Whether it’s LLC formations or purchasing commercial property for investment, whether it’s individual or a complex partnership Eugenie Rivers can take care of your needs with our unique combination of specializations

  • Bank regulatory advice and assistance, including:
  • Formal Agreements and Capital Directives
  • BSA Policy, procedures and audits
  • Outsourcing contracts requirements
  • Commercial loans, lines of credit, factoring
  • Article 9 security interests; stock collateral
  • Mezzanine debt structures
  • Multi-lender participations
  • Custom work-out negotiation, documentation
  • Foreclose and ORE management and sales

Bank Regulatory Advice and Assistance

Banking transactions are strictly regulated, and even when a business is not subject to direct regulation, it will be affected by these regulations when attempting to obtain financing from a bank. Eugenie Rivers at Cairncross & Hempleman assists with regulatory matters including restricted stock, SARs, phantom stock, and options grants, exercise, and repricing.

Commercial Loans, Lines of Credit, FactoringBanking and Finance Law - Securities Law

Two factors come into play when businesses seek financing. First, given the wide variety of commercial activities, most deals are unique and must be crafted for the specific needs of the business and the risk tolerance of the bank. Second, following the financial crisis, bank’s loan activities are subject to close regulatory scrutiny and limits on risk taking.

Article 9 Security Interests and Stock Collateral

Banks and other lenders use secured transactions when they deem the risk of a loan to be high but the borrowing business needs financing for inventory, equipment, or other critical needs. These agreements must meet the strict requirements of the UCC, and special procedures must be followed to ensure that the collateral is attached.

Multi-Lender Participations

Participation loans are used to mitigate the risks associated with loans that would make up a significant portion of a single bank’s portfolio. The way the deal is structured will determine what collection rights each bank has in the event of a default and whether their claim is against the primary bank, the business, or both.

Custom Work-Out Negotiation and Documentation

In the event that a business needs to work out alternative payment arrangements with a creditor, the deal must be properly structured and documented so that the business is protected from other collection efforts.

Foreclosure and ORE Management and Sales

Banks holding property seized during foreclosure must ensure that their portfolio continues to meet the guidelines of the FDIC and other regulators.

Eugenie Rivers at Cairncross & Hempleman handles banking and finance matters in the Seattle and Bellevue Metro Area and nationwide. Call today to schedule a consultation.