About Eugenie D. Rivers

Eugenie Rivers, Securities AtoorneyEugenie D. Rivers is qualified to offer a wide range of business and legal services to assist forward-thinking companies, entrepreneurs, developers, and investors fund and grow their ventures.

Ms. Rivers has over 20 years of specialized expertise in securities law, banking and finance, executive compensation, business purchase and sales, strategic entity structuring and formation, commercial real estate investment, commercial contracts, and more. Ms. Rivers also has a strong background in banking, financial analysis, and accounting.

Ms. Rivers served as in-house general counsel for several of her business clients, providing her with a unique insight into their business and legal needs. Ms. Rivers has served as General Counsel to a technology company, as Corporate Counsel to a bank, and has demonstrated success in providing timely, balanced, and practical advice to senior executives and their team members on a wide range of legal and business issues.

Before becoming an attorney, Ms. Rivers was a commercial and commercial real estate banker. As a result, Ms. Rivers brings a unique blend of legal, business, and finance perspectives when working with clients to develop practical legal strategies and solutions that accomplish their business and legal goals.


“Ms. Rivers,

Thank you for your well-organized and informative presentation at the NBI CLE on LLCs and corporations last week. I attended that conference and appreciated your presentation very much. I also have appreciated the responses you post to the entire list serve when you often answer questions on the WSBA solo/small firm section email list. Your willingness to share materials and agreement provisions that you have developed is generous and so helpful. For junior lawyers such as myself, that type of help and mentorship is invaluable. Thank you.

I am a business lawyer in Seattle, and although my practice is small (and I like it that way right now), I engage in some challenging transaction design for the small businesses I work with. It is incredibly rewarding, but as a solo practitioner, I continue to wish I had a better network of lawyers to reach out to when I need a sounding board.

Your openness to sharing ideas and information is inspiring”

If your requirements fall outside Ms River’s area of expertise, her colleagues at Cairnross Hemplemen can almost assuredly meet your needs.
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