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Every move a business makes has legal ramifications. At Rivers Business Law we get the deal done while taking the legal steps necessary to protect a business’s interests over the long term.

Business Legal Transactions and Security Law

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions can provide an avenue of fast growth for any business as it expands into new markets or acquires key suppliers or distributors to reduce operating costs. These transactions can take a variety of forms including mergers, asset purchases, stock purchases, hybrid transactions, LBOs, MBO, and division spin-offs. As with any business transaction, the move should be structured to maximize future growth potential with close attention paid to protecting the business’s legal interests.

Business Legal Transactions and Real Estate LawStrategic Alliance Structuring and Agreements

Strategic alliances can provide key opportunities for businesses to expand their reach into new markets or offer additional services to their customers without having to make significant investments in new areas. Common models include joint venture agreements, cross distribution arrangements, and joint marketing agreements. More so than with supplier and distributor contracts, the deal must protect the parties from competing with themselves or cannibalizing their core markets.

Supplier, Distributor, and Customer Contracts

Contracts with suppliers, distributors, and customers are often treated as routine afterthoughts, but the time and money wasted by many businesses each year on contractual disputes shows that each contract should be carefully negotiated and drafted. Common sources of dispute include late payments, responsibility for uncontrollable delays from weather or other sources, and the meaning of ambiguous terms.

IP Licenses, Transfers, and Technology Agreements

In joint ventures, marketing agreements, and other arrangements, it will often make sense for a business to license its intellectual property. These deals must be carefully structured because a business that is viewed as not enforcing its intellectual property rights may be barred from enforcing them in the future.

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