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Business Law Firm, Bellevue Business and Securities Attorney Eugenie D. Rivers
Rivers Business Law is a Washington state law firm with locations in Bellevue, Seattle, and Redmond providing collaborative business and real estate legal services to companies, entrepreneurs, and investors across diverse industries and locations.

Eugenie D. Rivers’ areas of legal expertise include securities law, real estate law, cannabis LLCs and real estate, banking and finance, equity incentive plans, executive compensation, incorporation and LLC structuring, commercial real estate investment, commercial contracts. She regularly consults with senior executive teams in a full range of companies from early-stage start-ups to IPO candidates.

Ms. Rivers is highly regarded by clients and colleagues for the ability to understand and translate complex legal issues into practical business advice, and to negotiate creative legal business solutions.

Local Relationships

Ms. Rivers believes that relationships are key to success in business law. She personally meets with and remains in contact with every client who comes to the firm. Because she works on each project herself, Ms. Rivers’ clients can rest assured that their projects are being performed by someone who thoroughly understands their business and legal needs, rather than by a junior associate who does not understand the big picture.

This personal involvement allows Ms. Rivers to assur that her clients are getting the best possible work no matter what the size or nature of their projects.

Our History

Ms. Rivers has 30+ years of combined legal, banking and business experience. Ms. Rivers is a past big law firm partner, technology company general counsel, and bank corporate counsel. After being a partner in one of the prestigious Seattle law firms, Ms. Rivers decided that what she really wanted to do was strike out on her own and develop long-term relationships with a select group of small business clients and investors. She also brings a strong background in banking/finance, financial analysis, and accounting to her client’s projects.

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Ms. Rivers serves clients throughout the Seattle and Bellevue Metro Area, as well as nationally on matters that involve federal law. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or call today to see how Ms. Rivers can help your business or investment projects succeed!

Scope of Practice

Business law, Securities Law, Executive Compensation attorney, Real Estate Attorney